Sonnex N-type module ensures better investment return

Sonnex N-type module ensures better investment return

  • 2021-10-27
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    As the most important components for solar projects, the cost of solar module affects the solar projects investment return. The module cost depends on the cost from polysilicon, wafer, cell and other components like the glass, back sheet, EVA, frame, junction box, etc. The efficiency of the module determines the final cost per watt. There are more and more panels with larger cells and bigger size on modules because of this in the market. While on the same size of cells and panels, the cell technology is the most important factor to bring down the cost of solar modules.


    Sonnex N-type modules reaches 390/395W with similar size of PERC 370/375W. In this case the BOM cost per watt and LCOE are lower than PERC modules. Due to other advances of N-type modules like no LID, lower temperature co-efficient, low degradation in 30 years, N-type modules could generate more than 10% in projects with the same power after collecting the power generation data.  


    Under the situation of increasing cost on global supply chain, all components for solar modules are increasing since the beginning of 2021 and it led to higher market price on solar modules, which also pushes up the PV electricity cost. The higher module would have less percentage of cost increase on solar module components and reduces cost on other components in the solar project.


    Sonnex is offering N-type HJT and IBC modules with highest module efficiency at 22%. The power includes 390/395/420/425/430/470/475W, of which all black and bifacial modules are available too. Hopefully we will supply higher efficiency N-type modules by combining different tech in 2022. With higher performance in 30 years, Sonnex N-type modules also offer longer warranty terms to ensure more reliable investment return.


    Our engineering team will continue to develop higher efficiency and more reliable solar modules for more efficient solar energy application.

    Visualizzazioni: Compagnia di spedizioni: Sonnex new test report for INMETRO certificate
    Visualizzazioni: Compagnia di spedizioni: Sonnex new test report for INMETRO certificate

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