European solar power generation broke records in summer

European solar power generation broke records in summer

  • 2021-08-27
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    PV projects generated 10% of electric demand in EU-27’s countries throughout June and July,new analysis by power thinktank Ember has found.

    There are 8 EU nations set new records for share of power produced by solar PV power during summer, including Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Estonia and Lithuania. Hungary’s solar power generation increased from 3% in June-July 2018 to 12% in this summer.


    Though there is new record for solar power electricity in Europe, but the solar power electricity is still much less than coal power plants and the potential for solar power is huge as the solar power price is getting lower rapidly in the past 10 years. The global ordinary levelized cost of electricity (LCOEs) for utility-scale solar photovoltaic has collapsed from US$ 381/MWh in 2010 to US$ 57/MWh in 2020 (Source: List·Solar).


    To realize 2030 decarbonization, we still have a long way to go. Sonnex developed full series solar modules including PERC cells and N-type high efficiency cells with different configuration to meet various project requirements. Our module covers power range from 370W to 600W and highest module efficiency reached 22%. For residential projects we have high efficiency N-type modules and shingled-cell modules, and for utility projects and commercial projects we have PERC half-cell modules. Sonnex is delivering PV modules to global different projects and help realizing the carbon neutral world.

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    Sonnex Energie GmbH is going to provide the NEX series TOPCon solar modules from Q1 2023. Sonnex Energie TOPCon mainstream modules efficiency is 1% higher than PERC tech solar modules and it improves the power performance of the whole PV system, lower the BOS cost and LCOE further.